Having been born in Pennsylvania, I’m a card holding member of “Steeler Nation” and I’m looking forward to relaxing on my couch this Sunday, with a cold beer, and my feet up to watch the ‘big game’.  However, my conscience is going to be conflicted.  As the media descends upon Dallas this week to ignite the frenzy of Super Bowl festivities, and millions of us make plans as to where we’ll be watching, hooting and hollering come Sunday, the dark underbelly of the beast will be festering.  You see, our nations’ most beloved sporting event is also host to its most depraved societal ills: the sexual exploitation of children.

According to law enforcement, the Super Bowl is “commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

It’s funny now, to think of the furor caused by Janet Jackson at a half time show a few years ago because she flashed her breast to sell a few CD’s, and yet the trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation hardly registers a ‘blip’ on the screen.  Teenage girls are being raped for money, and terrorized if they don’t comply!  Shouldn’t THAT create an uproar? How can we remain so ignorant and callous?

I don’t mean to spoil the party.  Go ahead and enjoy the game, and laugh at the funny commercials, as I do.  Just do me a favor and take a moment to read this article and let your conscience be awakened.



About derekketcham

President of FACT Alliance, a 501c3 Non-Profit organization committed to rescuing and restoring children caught in the Commercial Sex Trade.
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