Vulnerability = Exploitation (pt. 2)


“A group of men have been jailed by a court in southern Sweden for their role in the pimping of a 14-year-old mentally handicapped girl.”   Ice News

This story out of Sweden, is just another poignant case in point of the relationship between vulnerability and exploitation.  It’s a sobering reminder that human depravity has no limits.  As if pimping 14 year-old girls isn’t depraved enough, why not those who are handicapped as well.

In reality, there is nothing new under the sun, and this kind of human behavior has been present ever since the first person/tribe discerned an advantage over another.  That being the case, it behooves us in this war against slavery, to not only restore the victim, and prosecute the trafficker, but to also protect the vulnerable.

Never has the world been better equipped and able, to either help or exploit and never have the vulnerable been more at risk.  The resources and technology available today represent a veritable “force” for good or evil.  Like Obie Wan, we must tap into the “good side” of this force and take action, or the “dark side” will prevail.

From this mentally handicapped girl, to the tent-dwellers of Haiti; from the unborn child to the forgotten, isolated elderly; from the homeless addict, to the war-torn, Afghan refugee; the “least of these” will never be in short supply.

It begs the question:  ‘Who will defend the defenseless?!’

Shall it be said of us in our generation…”and he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress”


About derekketcham

President of FACT Alliance, a 501c3 Non-Profit organization committed to rescuing and restoring children caught in the Commercial Sex Trade.
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