Vulnerable = Exploitation


“there exists in Ghana a large pool of potential victims rendered vulnerable by extreme poverty and ignorance”.

To be vulnerable in today’s world is to be exploited. Hence for the majority of impoverished people in Ghana, like large swaths of  populations world wide, their predicament can be attributed to direct or indirect exploitation. History bears witness that the spoils of “war” belong to the victor(alias: exploiter), and to the victim belongs extended misery.  If people are suffering from ‘ignorance and extreme poverty’, they’ve simply been deprived the rights to education and economic opportunity, and are burdened by the compound effect therein.

Of even greater concern is that exploitation tends to engender further exploitation.  In the animal world, the predator discerns and attacks the weak and vulnerable, and so it is with human nature. The conditions in Ghana have left many poor, uneducated,  and vulnerable, rendering them as easy prey for trafficking predators!

**read the article on Ghana, and stay tuned for part #2 on this topic



About derekketcham

President of FACT Alliance, a 501c3 Non-Profit organization committed to rescuing and restoring children caught in the Commercial Sex Trade.
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